About Us

We are excited about holistic massage and want to share our knowledge with the world!

But we will start with sharing it with you, the reader and client.

Our blog is but small, at the moment – there are only three of us writing it, but that is set to change – we hope!

Because in 2018 we are looking to take the world by storm and are asking for new bloggers and new therapists to come and join us.

We want experienced professionals who are well versed in massage, yoga and other holistic therapies, to share with our readers the secret of their success.

Do you have a story to tell about how your massage helped someone who was really struggling? Have you been surprised yourself by what some of your clients have said about how a therapy has changed their life?

These are the types of story that we are looking for – although we won’t publish any confidential details of clients, or any clues as to who the real people at the heart of your story are – client anonymity must be preserved at all times.

We are also hoping to be joined by practitioners who are interested in running their own courses and master classes into their disciplines.

This is because we are constantly being approached by people wanting to know more about complementary therapies and disciplines such as massage and other treatments.

There are so many interested people out there who want to learn more about these techniques, that we thought featuring a how to guide section in our blog would be a good idea.

So we are actively looking for anyone who wants to give a talk on their individual therapy, or take part in a master class on the topic.

We are hoping to film some of these classes and feature them on our site and blog, at a later date in 2018.

To take part, please contact Sammy Jo for an informal chat!