St Louis Domestic Violence Attorney – Defending the Abused

Domestic violence has been defined as an act of violence directed at a person or household for the purpose of controlling the other person or household. Domestic violence is the broad umbrella phrase used to define various types of violent actions and attacks taken against domestic family and household members for the purpose of dominating, controlling, and harming them. These actions are legally sanctioned in an attempt to protect vulnerable victims from harmful forms of domestic abuse. Domestic violence may take many forms and can even be a very subtle threat that is not readily apparent to the victim until it is too late.

Domestic Violence Attorney


When a St. Louis domestic violence attorney has been hired to defend a client charged with committing a crime against his or her spouse or partner in the St. Louis area, it is important that the individual be represented by someone who is highly skilled in handling cases in and around the St. Louis area. An experienced St. Louis domestic violence attorney will have the knowledge and skills needed to properly assess the situation and weigh all potential outcomes before going to trial. In many cases, these professionals can prevent a criminal case from going to trial by using a “defense in a court of law” motion, which is what most people would refer to when they discuss a case in which charges have been leveled against a person.


One of the main concerns that many people have regarding criminal charges stemming from domestic violence charges is the ability of the accused person to retain personal freedom, due to the fact that he or she may face jail time if convicted. There are measures in place that enable individuals accused of crimes involving domestic violence to retain the right to vote, hold a degree or care for themselves while in jail, and the right to have their children continue to live at home while they are in jail. If you are a St. Louis criminal defense attorney, it is your responsibility to contact the court and request the court to order the prosecution to allow you to have the same legal rights afforded to other individuals accused of crimes.


In most cases, you will be able to get a free consultation with a St. Louis domestic violence attorney before you are required to go to court. This consultation is often conducted by telephone and/or by meeting with the attorney in person to discuss your case and obtain any additional information that will be needed to mount a strong defense in your particular case. Many times, an individual will be asked to submit to a background investigation prior to being allowed to meet with a lawyer to discuss his or her case; however, there is nothing that you need to submit to the law firm before your consultation. You can expect to be provided with comprehensive information concerning your offense as well as answers to any questions that you may have regarding your case.


Once you have had the opportunity to meet with a St. Louis criminal defense attorney, the two of you will likely discuss a number of issues that have a bearing on your potential innocence or guilt. Many individuals who are accused of assault will be questioned regarding their motive for the alleged offense as well as details regarding the events that occurred prior to the attack. For example, if you were at work when the assault occurred, it may be useful for your St. Louis domestic violence attorney to note this fact during your consultation. If you had an argument with your partner prior to the attack that turned physical, you may be able to use that argument as a way to bolster your case. If you were intoxicated at the time of the attack, you may be able to use alcohol as a means of defending yourself in court. No matter what type of evidence the prosecution may have against you, it will be up to you to prove your innocence and prevent the charges from being filed against you.


The St. Louis criminal defense law firm that you choose will likely be able to help you determine whether or not you should be entered into a plea bargain. Should you enter a plea bargain, the court will sentence you to a lesser sentence in order to keep your record clean. The St. Louis domestic violence attorney that you choose will be able to provide you with advice on how to fight your case as well as ways to preserve your good reputation in the community. No matter what situation you find yourself in relating to a St. Louis domestic violence case, it will be wise to hire an attorney to represent you. They will be able to assist you and fight for the rights that you deserve.